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Tech it Easy takes technology, digital, internet, media, computers, websites and social media…

and makes itpractical, useful, easy, interesting

What is Tech it Easy?


Everyday techie topics made easy

You Ask, I Answer

I've written most of these to answer real questions from real people.


Short videos simplifying tech, digital, internet and social media

Watch and Discover

Tech made easy in the Tech it Easy videos... and sometimes live seminars.

Be There

Live lectures, presentations and workshops

In Person

The range of Tech it Easy lectures, presentations and workshops.
David Withington Tech it Easy

The Tutor

Hi. I'm David Withington, pictured here in a cruise ship's theatre where I was booked to simplify technology. Why? Because I enjoy making tech easy to understand, grasp and use in everyday life. That could be as an enrichment lecture on a cruise or locally in a presentation or workshop. Fancy joining me on one of them?

The Presentations

A rich variety of Tech it Easy topics, delivered as 45-minute lectures. Ideal for on a cruise ship and for large groups.


Discovering and exploring practical and helpful apps for travel, shopping, keeping safe, organised life, saving money...

What Some of the Attendees Say

Tech it Easy Review on Google Reviews
Testimonial on Google after a local workshop
Saga Spirit of Adventure Speaking
A Facebook post about the Google Tools lecture on a cruise ship

Webinar Replays

Previous live-streamed webinars, recorded for you to watch at leisure.

Tech it Easy Webinars


A selection of in-person live workshops where you can listen, watch, ask questions, and participate as much or as little as you like.

An excerpt from a lecture recorded on the Saga Spirit of Adventure cruise ship

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